Ivy & Andi Redefine FBSM

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Ivy & Andi Redefine FBSM

Usually, when someone tells you “I recently had a massage”, you envision them in a beauty parlor atmosphere, lying on a table, getting worked on by a clinician. That’s fun and relaxing, but there’s another option that men around the country have turned to that adds sensuality to the session. Hiring a personal massage artist to come to your place gives you the ability to get a massage with benefits you won’t get at a traditional parlor. I’m Ivy, and recently, I had a client contact me to see if he could hire TWO massage artists for his session. Why not? The more the merrier! Here’s what happened.

I Got A Coworker Ready For The Fun

Since I am the one that got the request from the client, I am the one that got to pick who would go along with me on the job. I decided that Andi would be the perfect partner. I told her what the client would like, and we devised a “plan” if you will, to make sure our client’s session was one he would not forget any time soon. Not only would he be having tons of fun, but we were going to as well! We couldn’t wait for the action. We both picked out outfits to enhance our features and set off for the client’s hotel room.

We Decided To Have Fun Out First

When you have two girls show up at your place, you don’t want to hide that from anyone. That’s something you want to flaunt! When we arrived at our client’s room, he took one look at us and knew he had to show off to others in public. We were more than pleased though because we wanted to have some fun out and about too. Our client brought us to a casino, and then we went to a nightclub for a while. Everyone was looking our way, and we both made sure to give our attention to the client. He was in his glory!

The Full Body Sensual Massage Was Spectacular

When we got to our client’s room once again, we got right to work tending to his body. First we stripped down to absolutely nothing. That in itself was pretty exciting for our client, as well as us! We took turns climbing on top of our client’s back and using our body to provide pressure to affected muscles. Since our client was a pretty built guy, there was a point were we were both giving him a massage in tandem, while sitting upon his back. That was pretty exciting for us all! Our client reciprocated with the massage-giving, so we all got a relaxation session we will never, ever forget. Since this date, Andi and I have hooked up several times with clients to give them a “double trouble massage”. It’s our specialty now!

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