Bailey Tries Weed For The First Time

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Bailey Tries Weed For The First Time

Callgirl Bailey

Hello there gentlemen! My name is Bailey, and I am not a pot virgin anymore! Haha. I have always been the “good girl” of all of my friends, and I was able to push back whenever there was peer pressure when it came to drugs or alcohol. Well, recently, I had a client ask to have a date with a woman who had never tried pot before. I had always been curious but always said no. I figured, why not? It’s time to try something new! Here’s how my date went.

My Client Informed Me Before We Started

I wasn’t scared of doing pot, but I was concerned about how it would make me feel. I wanted to know all about it before I did it. So, I asked my client to describe what it was like in detail. I also asked him to smoke pot first, so I could observe his personality and demeanor before I went ahead and took a hit myself. He was very good about telling me all the possible scenarios that could happen, and I felt totally comfortable in trying it out after I got this synopsis. 

I Watched My Client Get High First

As we had discussed, my client got high before I did. He smoked in front of me, and he was totally chill the whole time. I could see how the pot relaxed him within just a few minutes. He continued talking to me and was very creative in his discussions, so I knew that the weed had enhanced his brain function rather than slowing down the body’s reaction time. Since I’m an intellectual, I wanted to get in on the action. My client passed over the bowl and a lighter when I told him I was ready.

I Couldn’t Believe The Response

Just as my client was displaying, I was able to hone in on a lot of thoughts and come up with responses to problems with ease. I felt in control with my pot smoking, and I really enjoyed how it made me feel. In addition to the brain function changes, I felt an increase in being aware of my sexuality. I wanted nothing more than to have my client touch me. I told him this outright. Now the real fun was going to begin.

Stripping, Massaging, And More

I wanted my clothes to come off at this point. I did a strip tease for my client and felt so, so sexy doing so. I had him join in, and we were laughing and stripping in tandem. We decided to lie down and explore each other’s bodies for a while. I told my client I wanted to make him feel good, so I suggested that I give him a sensual massage. I sat down on his bottom and tended to his back while he relaxed. He almost fell asleep, but I shook him out of that and had him return the massage favor to me instead. After this, we decided to take a bubble bath together. I can’t wait until I try pot again with a new client! After this night, I am ready for another session!

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